Friendly accounting software Procountor

The comprehensive accounting software

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Procountor is a cost-effective comprehensive solution for accounting offices.

With Procountor, you can migrate your accounting office to the digital era in one go! Already over 800 accounting offices in the Nordics rely on Procountor, developed to increase the efficiency of accounting office routines and enhance the co-operation between the accounting office and the customer company.

All financial management data and tools in a single place.

Comprehensive financial management software is available under a single agreement, also providing you with the required electronic financial management tools and versatile connections. Procountor is also excellently suited for joint use by a customer company and an accounting office.

For accounting offices

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For companies

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Friendly accounting software

Procountor is already used by more than 23,000 companies and over 800 accounting offices in the Nordics.

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An all-in-one solution for a single contract

The comprehensive accounting software is available through a single contract bringing you all the electronic accounting tools you need and wide-ranging connections. Begin use of Procountor with the start-up package.

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The joint financial management software

Electronic financial management allows easy access for the customer and the accountant to the same information and reports. The communication and accounting routines become more efficient, making it possible to produce better services to the customer.

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